2013 Massachusetts Chase Trip

Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Ludlow, Massachusetts Turnpike Service Plaza

Rotating Wall Cloud reported to N.W.S. Taunton, MA. Looking west.


South edge of thunderstorm. east view

Tracking N2KNL-9 Mobile on Amateur Radio site www.APRS.FI

Online Mobile Weather Underground Station earlier wind gust in Western MA.


2009 Missouri Chase Trip

Kirksville, MO Lakeside Estates Tornado Damage

F2 Scale Damage


2″ x 4″ x 15  foot piece of lumber driven 2 feet in the ground.


Weather Channel crew and various news organizations at Jim Robertson Chevy Dealer in Kirksville, MO. I met Jim Cantore and his staff.


Fueling in Garrett, Kansas. Sixth gas fill-up since Cape Cod, MA

Chasing in Chanute, Kansas with Storm Chaser Bart Comstock of Severe Studios.

1,300 mile Stationary Front  runs from Pampa, TX to Chicago, IL.. Interstate 70 east of Kansas City, Missouri


CHASERTV LIVE internet stream on Illinois Interstate 70  heading west to the Tornado Watch in Missouri.

LIVE Internet Camera stream on ChaserTV in Florissant, Missouri I-70 Truck Stop. Two storm chasers in the area.


CHASERTV LIVE Stream. 40 viewers

WxWORX Mobile Threat Net Satellite RADAR. Updates every 30 seconds.


Gas fill-up in Iola, Kansas with the Tornado Chase Vehicle-‘TIV’

Chasing a Squall Line near Iola, Kansas with two female Storm Chasers from KRBK FOX 5 Springfield, MO..



2014 Ohio Chase Trip (after Dayton Hamvention)

Approaching Severe Thunderstorm on Interstate 75 South of Toledo, Ohio

WxWORX Satellite Mobile Threat Net- RADAR NW Ohio

APRS Tracking N2KNL-9 Harwich, MA to Dayton, OH to eastern Missouri to Chicago, IL and home. 2,130 miles. website online since 10/20/16

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