N2FRY 73



Licensed since 1987

        I’m Ed N2FRY and welcome to my Amateur Radio Page. My QTH is Cicero, New York just north of Syracuse. Grid Square is FN13we. I’ve been a ham operator since 1987 and have an extra class 20 W.P.M. license. I operate HF, VHF, 220 & 440 bands all modes. I’ve relocated from North Syracuse a few years ago and i’m reinstalling the original towers and antennas. I have a HDBX 48 foot Extra Heavy Duty and 2 ROHN 25G towers which I purchased new in the late 1980’s. Equipment includes two Yaesu Model 736R All Mode HF-50-144-220-440 MHz 100 watt tranceivers. 2 KENWOOD TS-980 HF Rigs,  a complete Yaesu FT-107M station, BC 610 Military Transmitter, HENRY 2K Linear Amplifier, DENTRON MT-2000A Tuner all in working condition. Numerous VHF handhelds and mobiles. I operate an ICOM 706mk2g mobile on my Honda Trike Motorcycle.

 ** The tower /antenna project began June 2018 and was mostly finished by September **

     The tower will have the original antennas that were purchased new in 1989, 5 Cushcraft 2 meter 11 element yagis, not manufactured anymore. All yagis are set up as they were back in the 1980’s. 4 Cushcraft co-phase vertical yagis for FM Repeater work, the fifth 2 meter yagi running horizontal for cw/s.s.b.. Included in the array are Cushcraft 220  & 440 yagis. The yagi elements have become brittle from 29 years of weather. I’m replacing every element with aluminum rods from a local plumbing company. The Cushcraft 6 meter Ringo Ranger will be side mounted on the tower south side. Separate 40 and 80 meter dipoles will be center fed on the tower. I’m purchasing a new HF log periodic yagi. Low loss LMR 400 coax that will connect the yagis running down the tower into the communication room. 

September 7, 2018

The project is mostly finished and the tower raising was Labor Day Weekend. Here are photos after the installation!

Having a QSO on the K1FFK Mt. Greylock, MA 146.910 MHz Repeater 180 miles away. Receiving a S7 to S9 +10 signal without a tropo inversion..


June 17, 2018

The step-by-step tower installation begins..

The plans are for one horizontal 2 meter S.S.B. yagi in-between the four vertical 2 meter FM/S.S.B. yagis..

Welding the HDBX Tower Base..

HDBX Tilt-Over Hinge Plate..

ROHN Tilt-Over Hinge Plate..

HDBX / ROHN 25G Tower Sections with Tilt-Over Plates..


adding HDBX Sections after painting..

All antennas, tower, rotor, brackets, etc. painted with Rustoleum Chrome Spray Paint. Protects and seals from the elements.

Tailtwister T2X Rotors after painting..

Tailtwister T2X Rotor installed..

The 6 Meter Ringo Ranger is finished. Mounted to the south side of the tower..


June 19, 2018

Rebuilding the 66 elements on the six  2 meter yagis..

The 26 year old 2 meter 11 element / 220 / 440 yagis before repair..


Constructing new 2 meter elements..

I purchased 1/8″ thick aluminum stock from a local welding company, made center screw tabs for each element and cut to size. The shorter left-over pieces will be used to replace the 220 and 440 MHz yagi elements..


July 7, 2018

Antenna Rebuild Finished..

(5) Cushcraft 2 Meter 11 Element Yagis-Four Vert./One Horiz.

(2) Cushcraft 1.25 Meter (220 MHz) Yagis.

(2) Cushcraft 70CM Yagis.

(1) Cushcraft 6 Meter 3 Element Yagi.

(1) Cushcraft 6 Meter Ringo Ranger.

(1) AEA Isopole 2 Meter Vertical.

(1) Cushcraft R7000 Multiband 6M-40M Vertical.

(1) Homebrew 80 Meter Dipole.

All antennas, tower, brackets, etc. painted with Rustoleum Chrome Spray Paint. Protects and seals from the elements.

Cushcraft R-7000 6/10/12/15/17/20/30/40 meter multiband vertical antenna..

220 MHz Antennas Finished..

July 22, 2018

Tuning the 2 Meter / 1.25 CM / 70 CM Yagi Antennas

      I finished tuning the five 2 Meter Yagis with my new Comet CAA 500 antenna analyzer and Fluke ohmmeter. Each of the 4 yagis were tuned to different frequencies giving a flat SWR throughout the 2 meter band..

Ant one -143.0 mc / Ant two-145.0 mc / Ant three-146.5 mc / Ant four-147.2 mc


(5) Cushcraft 2 Meter 11 Element Yagis

(2) Cushcraft 1.25 Meter (220 MHz) Yagis.

(2) Cushcraft 70CM Yagis.

(1) 2 Meter 11 Element HORIZONTAL Yagi will be mounted in the middle of the mast..

  I purchased LMR-400 Low Loss Coax for the VHF/UHF Yagis. The coax will run from the antennas to the base of the tower. Hardline from the tower base to the radio room.


September 2, 2018

     The 144, 220, 440 Yagis are all tuned and are ready to go in service. The tower lifting will be later this week..