ICOM IC-751A / 735 / Hustler Antennas 40-20-15M

    VHF Contesting mobile with the 2003 Ford Explorer. ICOM IC-7000 (6 m @ 100 watts/2m @ 20 watts and 70cm @20 watts USB). IC-746PRO 6 & 2 meter (100 watts USB) with 6 & 2 meter halo antennas.

Farthest 2 Meter Tropo Contact

August 25, 2018

Moderate VHF Tropo Inversion this morning. QSO with Dave KJ4MCZ in Nelson, Virginia. 580 mile tropo. 144,200 kcs Signal S1 100 watts U.S.B. VHF Yagi up at 70 feet A.G.L.

Publicado por Bill Kretschmer em Sábado, 25 de agosto de 2018



    Dave Kj4MCZ FM06 in Nelson, Virginia. 580 mile tropo. August 25, 2018 0932 hours EDT. Running a ICOM 746PRO 100 watts U.S.B. into a Cushcraft 13B2 Yagi at 70 feet A.G.L..


580 mile Tropo

Surface WX last 24 hours ending 0800 local..

ARRL January 2017 VHF Contest


N2KNL-ARRL 1-2017 VHF Contest-N3FJP Software-scores

N2KNL-ARRL 1-2017 VHF Contest-N3FJP Software

N2KNL-ARRL 1-2017 VHF Contest-N3FJP Software-bands

   Not the best band conditions for this event but better than last January when it was raining. The best tropo opening was from southwest New England to the Mid Atlantic states. No Sporadic Es but there were reports of Meteor Scatter. A slow moving weather system in Alabama was moving northeast and reached New England as a noreaster by Monday after the contest. The rain line stayed south of the Mason-Dixon Line during the contest period.

Farthest contact was KA1ZE/P3, Grid FN01XT North Central PA on Saturday 1/21/17 2313 UTC local sunset. The QSO was on 144.190 MHz USB with 100 watts and 13 element yagi @ 75 feet AGL. Distance 410 miles. FN01<TR>FN41XQ.  K2LIM on 144.207 in Steuben County, NY Grid FN12MG was heard but couldn’t make contact. Later Sunday night I contacted my friend Russ K1RTA at his QTH in Wellfleet, MA on 144.205 and 50.125. Russ lives in grid square FN51AV. Thanks for 51 !

N2KNL-KA1ZE-P3 map


410 mile tropo

Tower Cam west view above the 2 meter yagi antenna at 68 feet A.G.L.

N2KNL-Towercam-West View

Tower Cam west view above the 2 meter yagi antenna at 68 feet A.G.L.

Tower-VHF Contest 3


ICOM 746 PRO (2 Meters) / ICOM 756PRO 3 (6 Meters)  / N3FJP VHF Contest Logging Software